John 3:16 (Drone/Electronics/Noise) live at Experi-MENTAL Festival / Spectrum (September 2013) - photos by Stephen Ortega

Painting by Jung Nam Lee

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The self-proclaimed “Roger Corman of Hip-hop”…

Fat Kneel ’The Future Suk’t EP’ (ALRN050) 
6-track EP - Digital Only!
Release date: May 27th, 2014

The Use CD Release PartyFriday May 2nd, 2014Muchmore’s BK2 Havemeyer St, New York, NY 11211 off Bedford Stop L trainDoors 8pm$10 at the door / $6 in advanceALL AGESMusical Acts!PAS MUsiquenearDeathThe UseLive FootageVJ Mamiko will be the VJ for the nightShort videos!Including Jim TuiteMeghan Allynn JohnsonEric Leiser’s music video for Little Band of Sailors with Michael Durek, Pas Musique, Alrealon Musique

The Use CD Release Party
Friday May 2nd, 2014
Muchmore’s BK
2 Havemeyer St, New York, NY 11211
Just off Bedford Stop L train
Doors 8pm
$10 at the door / $6 in advance

Musical Acts!
PAS MUsique
The Use
Live Footage

VJ Mamiko will be the VJ for the night

Short videos!
Jim Tuite
Meghan Allynn Johnson
Eric Leiser’s music video for Little Band of Sailors 

with Michael DurekPas MusiqueAlrealon Musique


Working on a new video for the track ‘The Inner Life of God / The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit’ by JOHN 3:16 (taken from ‘Visions of The Hereafter - Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory’ released on Alrealon Musique)

You can listen to this track on Soundcloud:

or on Bandcamp:

PAS MUsique and Chester Hawkins - Sleep the Storm
Taken from the Alrealon Musique release, ‘Frequencies of Existence: 5 Years of Alrealon Musique’ (ALRN038 - pt. 3).

THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE / Fort Foreclosure Benefit CD


The exclusive track ‘The Fountain of Life’ from John 3:16 (Drone/Electronics/Noise) is now mastered and has been sent to William Schaff

‘The Fountain of Life’ is to be included in the Fort Foreclosure Benefit CD.

Fort Foreclosure Benefit CD - $30
A cd of songs recorded by artists…

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Anthony Donovan - 07 Elements (ALRN038 - pt. 3)

Free Download: 07 Elements from Anthony Donovan

Taken from the Alrealon Musique release, ‘Frequencies of Existence: 5 Years of Alrealon Musique’ (ALRN038 - pt. 3).

plastik_mekanik: Plastik_mekanik 415

Thank you Sagana Squale / plastik_mekanik!

Plastik_mekanik 415
Et une édition du plastik_mekanik assez hargneuse!
Côté nouveauté sonore nous avons eu FluiD et le 3eme chapitre de la compilation “Frequencies of existence” de Alrealon musique!

Émission 415




-Fluid—-XII—-v/aAlrealon musique :frecquencies of existence part3—-5(6,04)
-Noetic nodus—-nemesis—-v/a the breakbeat sound of finland—-6(5,04)


-2methyl—-green shifter—-orb—-3(3,54)
-terminal 11—-covered in demon blood—-self exorcism—-7(4,50)
-Orphyx—-cracktest(edit)—-the sonic groove release pt.1—-1(5,41)


-Broken note—-descent—-black mirror—-3(5,37)
-trap—-giulio celebration—-offrande 1647—-5(4,06)
-Dafake Panda—-Bagarre!—-sociopath—-5(6,05)


-Displacer & nimon—-the devils house—-house of the dying sun—-3(5,33)