Rapoon ’Cultural Forgeries’ (ALRN058)Digipack CD+Digital available now!Europe/Worldwide: 10 euros (+ 10 euros shipping)USA/Canada: 13 dollars (+ 5 dollars shipping)http://www.alrealonmusique.com/alrn058.htmlhttps://alrealonmusique.bandcamp.com/album/cultural-forgeries-alrn058

Rapoon ’Cultural Forgeries’ (ALRN058)
Digipack CD+Digital available now!

Europe/Worldwide: 10 euros (+ 10 euros shipping)
USA/Canada: 13 dollars (+ 5 dollars shipping)


Taken from the Alrealon Musique release,Rapoon - Cultural Forgeries (ALRN058)

Street date: Sept. 16th, 2014

"… In 2013 I was asked by my friend Robert Pepper (Pas Musique) if i wanted to do an "unplugged " album. I was intrigued by the idea and agreed. I thought of ways of constructing pieces that did not involve any "processing". I wanted to make something that was essentially acoustic recordings but which were composed and arranged to give some depth and intricacy to them. I started recording some of my many acoustic instruments on a portable stereo digital recorder (A Tascam DR­05..for those interested in such things). The recorder has built in microphones , so I just used those. Sometimes I placed the recorder inside a large Bodhran to get natural reverb reflections. I listened back to the things I had carefully recorded. i listened to them again…they were ok..but something was missing… I added some reverb, delay ..back masking and ….it suddenly sounded fab to me… This album is part acoustic and part processed ..all the recorded parts are live..one take. The treatments and processing are as much a part of composition as are the instruments and the recordings…In a way I failed to make an unplugged album but I did make something which was outside of my usual work process and for that i am thankful. To simply repeat the same processes over and over seems very dull to me. Viva la Difference !”

Acoustic Instruments used:
Trumpet, Pocket Trumpet, Bodhran, Banjo, Pungi,Shehnai, Indian flute, Chinese flute, Irish tin whistle, hand bells, cello, accordion, guitar (Hofner Congress 1958), one string slide guitar (nineboys wedge), Ukelele, Kan (Tai bamboo harmonica), mouth harps, percussion, voice…”

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La Fin Absolue Du Monde from JOHN 3:16 on Vimeo.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘La Fin Absolue Du Monde’ (Alrealon Musique, 2015)

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Review: Big Brother On Acid – S/T | ATTN:Magazine

Big Brother On Acid | Other from New York, NY S/T (ALRN055)

"… The beat is constant and yet always changing, pummelling each frequency receptor in turn as the equalisation is winched up and down; denting my cognitive capacity until my thoughts take place in a binary slither between the hallucinatory flashbacks and circuit boards. ON: I embody the noise. OFF: I black out…"
Jack Chuter / ATTN:Magazine (UK)


[ówt krì] live @ RomunHuuto / Joensuu 30.8.2014

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Experi-MENTAL Festival 6 Funding For Artists

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Experi-MENTAL Festival 6 Funding For Artists via Indiegogo

LCNL 052: Alrealon Musique 5-Year Anniversary Mix

"…another strong selection representing their diverse roster, everything from experimental electronica to drone and off-kilter instrumental hip hop…"
Joseph Sannicandro / A Closer Listen: a home for instrumental and experimental music

With exclusive tracks from RapoonPAS MUsiqueAnthony DonovanFat KneelBlack SaturnThe Ephemeral ManRasplyn[ówt krì]The UseFluiD,John 3:16 (Drone/Electronics/Noise)TRIBES OF MEDUSATrinitronLaica, Chester Hawkins / Intangible Arts and Thorsten Soltau.


THROUGH FIRE AND THROUGH WATER water iteration from Jan Swinburne on Vimeo.


Music By: Philippe Gerber/JOHN 3:16

Video: janswinburne.com/

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PAS Musique live! 8.23.2014 from Tumei Tejas on Vimeo.

PAS Musique (Robert Pepper) performed live at Index Art Center in Newark, NJ. VJ work by Tumei Tejas.

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